About VM

Verkerk-Modelbouw VOF


We develop and manufacture products for remote controled trucks,
mainly in the scale 1:14 and partly for the scale 1:16.
With products from our range,
it is possible to finalize  rc-truck projects easier and more detailed.
We present our products here in our online shop, and  regularly
also at international fairs, especially in Germany and England.
Please see our event calendar if you want to visit our booth once.
We now ship to 64 countries and we are proud of the fact
that so many people find us and apply our products with
such enthusiasm in this fantastic hobby.
Also the coming period we will develop new products
and add them to our product range!
Please visit our shop regularly and stay informed.
We like to welcome you as a new customer
and wish you lot's of hobby fun in advance.
Verkerk Modelbouw